Getting Top Listings at Google AdWords

Everyone wants to be at the very top of the search engine listings, both in the organic results and also at the Google AdWords pay per click program.

When someone does a search at Google, depending on the search, the paid ad results which come from Adwords are listed at the very top of the screen and then on the right side.  In order to be listed at the very top of the screen in the first 3 results, your ad must have a good QS (Quality Score) and you also must bid higher then the other people bidding on the same keyword.

Google Bid Simulator

The bid simulator doesn’t predict the future, but it can estimate what your advertising results could’ve been on the Search Network over the last seven days, if you’d set different bids.

So it shows you how many impressions you might have gotten and how many TOP Impressions.

If you look at the graphic below, this bid simulator is for the keyword “Personal Injury Attorney” and its for a geographic location campaign.  It shows that at teh current $3.25 bid, we would have only receieved 11 impressions and no top impressions.  Yet if we had increased the bid to $34.20, we would then have gotten 170 impressions and 34 of those would have been at the very top.

So you can see it can be hard to always have your ad at the very top of Adwords results, especially if you have a lot of competitors who are also bidding high.

Yet if your goal is to be listed at the very top, then first off you need to make sure you have good ads and good Quality scores on your keywords, then you need to bid higher then you have been bidding and use the Google tools to get an idea of what it costs to be at the top, it isnt cheap, especially with personal injury keywords!

Google AdWords for Lawyers

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