Make Sure Your Legal Site Loads Fast

Making sure that your legal web site loads fast is important for a number of reasons.  The obvious is that you want to make sure the site loads quickly for any visitor that comes to your site, if the site doesn’t load right away or takes over a few seconds, then that potential client may just leave your site.

Another reason is that your site may not rank as high at the search engines if its not loading fast.

Sometimes you might not even know that your site is loading slowly and at times it could be that your web host has issues with its web server or database server.  It can happen at times where your site just doesnt come up at all for a few minutes. Its important to check your site out and test the site load time.  You can access this tool in the Google webmaster account to see how fast your site loads.


I had noticed a few sites of a clients loading very slowing at times and I checked with their web host and got the usual excuses and run around.  Yet the more I looked at the site and examined why it was not loading faster, I came to the conclusion it was the web hosts database server causing load time issues.

SO what I did was move the site to another web host and almost instantly I could tell the site loaded much faster. I also checked with the Google site speed and it went from like an outrageous load time of 9 seconds to 2.2, which was much better.  Also a week later, I noticed a sharp increase in organic SEO rankings.  SO make sure your web site is loading fast!


Google has talked a lot recently about how its important for your website to load fast and how that’s now related to your organic SEO rankings.  So if your site loads slowly, that might be a reason your sites not better ranked at Google.  Also important is that if your site is loading slow, it might be turning visitors who are potential clients off and having them leave the site out of frustration.


At Google, we are passionate about speed and making the web faster, and we are glad to see that many website owners share the same idea. A faster web is better for both users and businesses. A slow loading landing page not only impacts your conversion rate, but can also impact AdWords Landing Page Quality and ranking in Google search.
To improve the performance of your pages, you first need to measure and diagnose the speed of a page, which can be a difficult task. Furthermore, even with page speed measurements, it’s critical to look at page speed in context of other web analytics data.
Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the availability of the Site Speed report in the new Google Analytics platform. With the Site Speed report you can measure the page load time across your site.
Uses for the Site Speed Report
  • Content: Which landing pages are slowest?
  • Traffic sources: Which campaigns correspond to faster page loads overall?
  • Visitor: How does page load time vary across geographies?
  • Technology: Does your site load faster or slower for different browsers?


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