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One thing that still holds true is that LINKS are important and a key part of the overall Lawyer Internet and SEO Marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lawyer you are, personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, or bankruptcy, everyone needs solid backlinks to their lawyer websites in order to have the best possible Google SEO organic rankings.     Links are only part of the formula but as always an important one.

So links come in many different shapes and the bottom line is if you can somehow get a backlink to your lawyers website from a bar association, law school, other lawyers websites or blog, or a local area business, do it!


If you are a personal injury lawyer, you want to first focus on getting branded links to your site.  These are links that are using your brand name in the anchor text and going to your homepage.

Then after you build your branded links and make sure most of your links are using your firms name.  You then should get links to your other power pages and posts that you want to rank higher in Google. 

With these links, they will be either partial keyword matches or blended brand and keyword anchor text.    You want to stay away from exact match anchor texts usually.   This means if you are a Chicago personal injury lawyer, you do not want your anchor text of your links to read that exact term, instead you want either your firm name, or a combo. Something like “Personal injury lawyers at Johnson & Jones” or “Contact the car accident lawyers for a free consultation”.

Getting Backlinks to Your Lawyer Site

Top Links are not easy to get usually, but in some cases all you have to do is make sure you have an account setup and you can claim your lawyer listing at some online legal and business directories.  Then you can optimize the listing and usually include a link to your website.

Now a lot of times these links may not be DO Follow and not as valuable as a DO Follow link, but you want to get as many relevant links as you can.  This includes no-follow links because you want to get branded links and citations for your legal site.

So if you can get a link from a legal directory that is in your legal niche, that will be helpful towards your overall SEO strategy.   You want to build your brand and get as many branded links using your firms name in the anchor text and having it goto your homepage.

Also for local SEO, citations are very important.  Citations are the listings of your law firms NAP, Name, address and phone #.  Again even if its no follow link, its still a citation usually from a relevant site.  The thing here is that most all of these links are FREE, most have a paid option, but the key here is just getting as many relevant links as you can.

These are the obvious links that most lawyers will have, but you should have these also to have a better chance of ranking high at Google. Then the trick is to then make sure you have more links than your competitors, and not just any links, high-quality relevant links from authority sites.

Its a multiple phase process and you want to start with getting some links and getting the low hanging fruit links.   Yet if you do not set these up manually or hire someone to do it, you will not get the link.  The more work you put into building your backlinks, the better your search engine rankings will be at Google.

Below are some personal injury links to start with. Once you get this first phase of links, then you want to start writing a lot of quality content and getting links from guest posts on other legal websites.

Good Personal Injury Links:

Here are some starter links for all personal injury and car accident lawyers to have to their lawyer website.  The key here is making sure that you claim these lawyer listings and then update them and include a link to your website.   In some cases you will have to pay a premium fee to get a link to your website.   In some cases it will be worth it and thats the trick here, knowing which listings to pay for.   Yet in almost all cases, you can get a free link if you verify the account.

Good Legal Directory Links

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