Attorney Web Site Design

We have helped a number of attorneys put up new websites recently. Its key to keep your website up to date and sometimes you just need to start over with your site. Put up a fresh design with new legal images, updated content and new pages that are setup with getting top organic search results.

The latest attorneys we have assisted with creating a new lawyer web design is for the Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyers at Roebuck and Associates.  The firm focuses on personal injury and accident law and has offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois.


We helped the firm create a brand new website with a new firm logo, flash animation, better navigation and new updated content. The site is also fully optimized for the search engines.

If you need a new legal website or need attorney seo marketing work done, feel free to contact us for a free website evaluation.

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  1. Traffic Geyser

    Nice work! The design is visually appealing, and I especially like how you have captured several of the firm’s selling points in the header. It definitely gives an impression of professionalism and trustworthiness – both of which are more important than ever in today’s shaky economic climate.

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