Do You Use Video in Your Attorney Site?


Using video to promote your law firm has been around for awhile now, but not many lawyers seem to utilize it.

Having video on your lawyer site can be a big advantage.   People tend to not want to read as much as they want to easily watch something.  So if you can create a short video that explains who you are and what you do, it can go a long way to building trust with a website visitor.


If the person who comes to your site and is looking for a lawyer and they visit other lawyer sites and you are the only one that has  video, that might make the difference.   Also if you have a video, now you can do things with it. Not only put it on your lawyer site, but you can also create a YouTube account and setup your videos so they can come up in the Youtube and google search results.

Then you can also easily embed your video anywhere else, so if you have a blog or another site you want to include your video, its a simple cut and paste process.


More people then ever are on mobile devices and are visting websites in record numbers. These numbers will keep growing and according to Bytemobile’s February 2012 Mobile Analytics Report, online video now accounts for half of all mobile traffic and up to 69 percent of traffic on certain wireless networks.

If a visitor to your website that is looking at a smaller smartphone screen that has a choice of scrolling through text or watching a short video, they no doubt would rather press a button and watch your video.  Its so much more powerful then just having mobile site that has a lot of text or worse having to see a lawyer desktop site on a mobile phone, people will leave.


Having a video can help your Internet Marketing and organic search rankings for many reasons.  The first is that you can submit your video to mutliple video services such as YouTube and this alone can help your overall Internet Marketing campaign because your video can now get traffic from YouTube AND also in some cases Google will include youtube videos for certain keyword searches, so this can be another chance to get someone to view your video, visit your site and contact you.

Also there are many other things you can do with videos and Ive seen more and more that videos can really help your overall organic SEO rankings .

Most law firms dont want to do video because its costly and time consuming. Yet you can have someone shoot a professional video for a very reasonable cost these days.  Also if you don’t want to be on your video or spend a lot of money on it, you can have a BASIC VIDEO for lawyers done, where it just includes your Firm logo, images and text about your firm.  The bottom line with these videos are that they at least give you a video to use on your site and at YouTube and other video services.

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