Pay Per Click and Mobile For Lawyers


I see it all the time, lawyers who are advertising with Google adwords or other pay per click programs and they do NOT HAVE A MOBILE SITE.

So unless they go in and change the settings to not include mobile devices, then anyone on a mobile device will then see the ad, and possibly click on it, and then they will be led to a NON MOBILE FRIENDLY Site, which is hard to read and has to be tapped in to navigate. People might leave if it’s hard to navigate your site and are less likely to continue on your site.  SO if your paying for these visitors, then it might be like throwing money away. 

Example of Desktop Site on Smartphone

                 Non Mobile                                        Mobile Friendly



If you do not have a mobile friendly site, then its probably best to change the campaign settings within Google Adwords so that you uncheck the box for mobile devices. This way your ad will NOT be shown to people on smartphones.

YET that then means your losing out on all that valuable mobile traffic. SO the better idea is to first off get a mobile site for your law firm, one that is easy to read, navigate and contact you.  Then after you have a mobile site, it makes sense to create a Google adwords campaign that just focuses on mobile devices. Then you would make your landing page your mobile friendly site home page.  So now the visitors that come from these Pay Per Click campaigns will see your mobile friendly site and have a much better experience.


So make sure you create a mobile friendly version of your lawyer site and then utilize it in your PPC campaigns.  If your not doing this, your possibly throwing money away and also losing potential clients.   Visit MOBILE FOR LAWYERS For assistance with both legal mobile design and Google Mobile PPC Campaigns.