Legal Mobile Marketing: Push Notifications & QR Codes

Mobile Marketing focusing on “Push Notifications” and QR Codes

Mobile marketing makes staying in touch with your customer base a fun, dynamic experience- so everyone’s happy! With “Push Notifications” and QR Codes, you will have contact with your customers, no matter where they are. And best of all, it is something that they opt-in for. With careful strategy and a tasteful, restrained approach, you will be using your customer base’s smartphone as a medium for your business message. Here is how it goes;

Push Notifications

In short, a ‘Push Notification’ is a brief message altering the smartphone user as to a commerce-related opportunity. This message will be a prompt to either purchase a new amazing product or to visit a website for the full run-down on some hot-off-the-press news from your company.

When your clients download your application- whether from Facebook or the App store or your website, you have the chance to get them to opt-in to receive “Push Notifications”. If they agree to this, you will then have the opportunity to incorporate this wondrous new technology into your marketing campaign.

The do’s:

  • Always give your client the chance to opt-in to Push Notifications when they are downloading your app. You can’t just spring your message on them whenever you like.
  • Make the incentive to accepting Push Notifications irresistible. Make a promise such as “you will receive early-bird notifications”
  • For heaven’s sake, deliver on the promise you make. Otherwise your client’s will opt-out before too long…

The don’ts

  • When sending Push Notifications, don’t overdo it. Depending on your niche, even once a day is probably too much contact with your client base. Think more along the lines of weekly.
  • Don’t send Push Notifications at the small hours of the morning. Give consideration to time of day when sending out your Push Notifications. Quite frankly there is nothing worse than being woken up with a chime from your smartphone at 1am telling you that you should visit a certain site for a hot coupon.

QR Codes

You know the future has arrived when you look at these rather unsightly perfectly square bits of gibberish that translate into total customer interaction.

Operate on the assumption that all of your customers use smartphones and have the ability to scan your QR code. What? You don’t use QR codes? Your business needs to get one- now. Why?

  • Because QR codes are so hot right now and your competitors definitely make use of them.
  • QR codes evoke curiosity and your customer base WILL want to scan. They can’t help themselves.
  • You can put anything into the QR code- url, phone number, message- anything.
  • They are free or next to free to generate.
  • QR codes bring fun and creativity to your marketing campaign. Put one on your business card for example. It creates interest and makes the recipient want to hang onto your card for longer so that they can check out what your code is about.

Don’t be shy about implementing mobile technology options into your legal marketing campaigns.  Push notifications and QR Codes are another part of mobile marketing and can be used to your advantage.

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