SEO Tips for Lawyers: Use Unique Titles

What is a Title?

The TITLE is one of the most important things to focus on with organic SEO.  A title shows the name of a web page and is displayed by the browser, usually at the top of your computer screen, and tells a reader what page they are on. Meta titles are “read” by search engine robots and seen by site visitors.

What you put between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> element is very important so try to get it right.

The metal title is very important for helping the page rank higher in search engine returns and should be written to cater to search engine robots first and to site visitors second. Meta titles should make sense to the reader, but the wording should be based on keyword search popularity and relevance to the rest of the web page including other meta data and content.


Most lawyers don’t even realize that they are using the same TITLE on every page, they dont know what a title is or how important it is to organic SEO.  You want to make sure that for every page you have, especially your more important practice area pages, that you create a unique title for each page and include your most important keywords in the Title.

You don’t want to overdo it though and stuff your title with as many keywords as you can think of, this is not a good idea. You want to limit your TITLE to about 65-70 characters and include two keyprases that are related to the page and that you want to be ranked on at the search engines.

So if your a Chicago Criminal Lawyer and have a practice area page devoted to Drug Charges, then you want to have a TITLE that includes keywords related to your location (Chicago and Illinois) and the practice area of Drug Law. So a sample TITLE would read

Chicago Drug Lawyers | Illinois Drug Offenses

It’s also a good idea to include these two main keyword phrases that your using in the title on the actual page within the content of page.  Having unique Titles is important and can make the difference in getting ranked for your most important keywords at Google.