Benefits of a Mobile Site for Lawyers

Benefits of a Mobile Site for a lawyer

As an attorney in a high-tech world, increasing the business potential of your practice can be challenging. Game-changing technology is constantly emerging and it really is a matter of embracing the changes and working them to your advantage. It is true that this takes time, money and expertise, but rising to the challenge is the key to business growth. You are also welcome to dig your heels in and refuse- your competitors will be real pleased, for sure.

The current online- marketing must-have for any niche is the ‘mobile site’. No matter how fancy, professional or high-ranking your current website is, it will be next to useless to your clients and potential clients who access the internet via their smart phone. Having to pinch and zoom and slide the screen around to read your information, the potential client will become frustrated and give up. It really is as simple as that.

What is a Mobile Site?

A mobile site is so much easier for your client to navigate. It basically is a version of your current website that is optimized for use on smartphones such as iPhone and other handheld devices. The layout on a mobile site is optimized for:

1. The smaller screen of a handheld device

2. The touchscreen platform of a handheld device

A mobile site for your legal practice takes away the need for pinch and zoom navigation. All of the essential tabs are listed neatly, usually in a vertical fashion, providing your client with an instant ‘call to action’ in the form of a Contact Us button.

Benefits of a Mobile Site

Because of this instant call to action set-up, a mobile site can grow your legal practice like no other technology available. A conventional website can be quite distracting and overload the visitor with information. They may get so busy reading the information on your site that they forget to click the contact button.

A mobile site avoids this scenario as it offers all the vital information in a pleasing yet non-distracting fashion. Conversion rates are higher with a mobile site because the Contact Us button is the first thing a client is offered when they access your legal practice’s mobile site. They can then complete the Contact Us form quickly and easily from their handheld device and there you have it; a client has initiated contact with your firm with no hassles as they sit on the train pondering their legal problem.

An even more exciting use for a mobile website is the ease with which a client can call your office. When a client accesses your mobile site from their smart phone and clicks through to your Contact Us page, the phone number-integration feature means they literally are just one click away from calling your office. It is therefore an excellent idea to have your phone number on the Contact tab. The client simply clicks on it and their smartphone dials your firm. Too easy!

For more information on the benefits that a mobile site can bring to your legal practice’s marketing campaign, visit Mobile For Lawyers for a free mobile site quote.