Google Adwords Tip for Lawyers


Marketing your site with Google Adwords is a very good idea, but theres a lot of different things to keep in mind when setting up a new campaign.

By default a new campaign will show ads on the search AND display networks. These are two very different networks and should be handled separately. Search is based on what the user actually typed and indicates a user that is actively involved in looking for something. Display is placing ads next to content on various sites around the Internet. These people are not actively looking and you need to pull them away from what they’re reading. This means different ad copy and different targeting.

Most people might not even know what the display network is or how it works. It might not be a good idea for your business and can cost you more money. I dont know why Google opts people into the network, I mean you have a choice when setting up campaign but some people might miss it.

SO either way, the bottom line is that you should when setting up an initial campaign OPT OUT of the Content network and just setup your initial campaign for Search only. THEN if you do think you might want to use the content network and try advertising on it, then setup a separate account and this way it can be less confusing. Also you should probably setup different types of ads on each.

The main reason to setup different campaigns is because if you ahve them on both, it will effect your overall CTR (Click through rate) and that could have a negative effect on your Google adwords quality score.


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